Friday, March 15, 2013

New LINE Stickers 14/3/2013

Tokidoki line stickers.Price $ 1.99 No Expiry date Spice up your conversation with these super cute stickers from japan inspired LA art and design brand tokidoki

Tokidoki line stickers

GOLGO 13 line stickers.Price $ 1.99 .No Expiry date.Professional Sniper -Golgo13 aka duke to go is here to infiltrate LINE feature dave

 GOLGO 13 line stickers

Sally : Special Edition line stickers
Price $ 1.99 No Expiry date It's about time Sally now stars in her very own stickers set Ever seen Sally angry? Well you have now !!

Sally : Special Edition line stickers

Parappa the Rapper line stickers Price $ 1.99 
No Expiry date Super cool Parappa is now on LINE  Artist Rodney has come up with fresh design  giving Parappa and Master Onion some
excellent expressions

Parappa the Rapper line stickers

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