Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iPad Mini with Retina dis play Reviews

Thus, the smaller iPad Apple would never do is now in its second iteration - say hello to the mini iPad 2 with Retina display.

10 things you need to know about iPad mini with Retina display

1. It has a better screen
Mini iPad 2 with Retina screen measures exactly the same size as the old iPad mini years. The 7.9 inch screen comes with a resolution gain, with many rumors that the iPad 2 would get a mini Retina screen suddenly turns on the money.

Thanks to the Retina technology on board, the new iPad mini comes with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 which means it has a Full HD screen. This doubles the 163ppi of the original Mini iPad 326ppi.

2.It does not come in gold

Unfortunately for those looking for another hit peak gold, there is no mini iPad 2 with Retina gold along the way. Instead, it comes in silver and white, and gray and black space.

3. The A7 processor
Despite the lack of integration of tactile identification sensor, the iPad 2 with Retina mini comes with 64 bits A7 chip we've seen on the iPhone 5S.
This means that the mini iPad 2 now comes with a processor that is four times faster than its predecessor, as well as provide 8x faster graphics processing.

A7 chip also helps to support the new Retina display - because the screen will use a lot of power. It also means that mini-iPad 2 now has the same power as the laptop-esque iPhone 5S came with.

4. It has a better camera, sort of

Those who hoped for a better camera sensor on mini iPad 2 with Retina are out of luck.
It seems that the rear 8-megapixel sensor that has been bandied about was actually just another rumor, with Apple choosing to stick with 5MP snapper which is currently on the back of the original iPad Mini.

The front FaceTime camera took a look, though, with the corresponding now the iPhone 5S for clarity - and two microphones that should be much more enjoyable video chat.

5. It has more storage

Mini iPad 2 with Retina is in standard 16, 32 and 64 GB models we've seen before. In addition, Apple now offers the new mini iPad 2 in a 128GB model.

6. It does not have touch ID

It seems that the inclusion of an ID scanner fingerprint touch on mini iPad 2 with Retina is the one that was unfortunately not true. This will undoubtedly leave impressed and set the bar for many of the titles of tomorrow.

7. It has no keyboard cover
One of the quietest we had recently heard rumors is that Apple could be working on a dedicated keyboard cover has the Microsoft Surface. Unfortunately, this is not the case (keyboard), with Tim Cook comparing competitors chase this market the way they drove the netbook market failed.

8. It is better connected
Apple has updated the LTE connections in the mini iPad 2 with Retina, which means it comes with 4G Support extended. He also took a look at the Wi-Fi connections, including mini 2 with Retina iPad is now twice as fast, with Mimo.

9. It will cost
When it comes to price, the multitude of options means a variety of prices. Prices start at € 319 (U.S. $ 399, AU $ 479) for only versions 16 GB Wi-Fi, with it being a supplement of € 100 (U.S. $ 130, AU $ 150) for 4G connectivity.

10. There are not really a release date of the game
While his big iteration, the iPad Air launches on November 1st, the mini iPad 2 will be a little specific "later" release in November.
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